Qualipack was established in 1968. It became a division of Starflex Packaging Europe in 2012.

The machines are now designed and manufactured by Starflex at their Bromsgrove manufacturing facility and are installed all around the world.

In recent years Starflex have updated the electronics and weighing technology to give even better packing speeds and accuracy. The machine designs are simple and very reliable, with some of the lowest cost of ownership in the industry.

The Qualipack range of Weighing and Packaging machines are extremely flexible and are suitable for a vast range of Granular and Powder products.

As well as new machines we also provide service support and calibration to the hundreds of installed machines. Starflex will also carry out electronic upgrades and refurbishments if required.

There are 4 main machines in the Qualipack range:

Nett Weigher: suitable for free flowing products. It is very flexible with regard to weight range from 1kg to FIBC ton bags on the same machine. The Multi Drop facility monitors the dropped weights and automatically adjusts the target weight of the final drops to maintain the best possible accuracy.

Low Level Vibratory Weighing & Packing Machine: Designed to weigh and pack granular product into Valve bags, Open mouth sacks and containers. Weight range 1kg to 25kg.

Horizontal Auger Weighing and Packing Machine: Designed specifically for powder filling Valve Bags. It can however be modified to run open top sacks and containers. This machine is an extremely accurate and clean filling solution that can be built to ATEX standards if required.

Vertical Auger Fillers: Our range of vertical Auger Fillers, include Volumetric, Weight Control & Loss in Weight options. They can be built in short or long auger versions for powder filling solutions from less than a gram to 25kg.