5 Reasons your Business will Benefit from a Checkweigher

We have over 100 years of expertise and experience in many market sectors at our disposal. One of our core products are checkweighing systems. Checkweighers can be found at the end of the production process for the weighing of packaged products. But what benefits do these products offer to your business? In this article, we’ll be discussing five different ways in which checkweighing systems will help your business and improve the quality of service for your customers.

A Cost-Effective Alternative to Manual Labour

One of the stand out reasons that your business will benefit from a checkweigher is because it is a cost-effective solution in the long term. This is because they are cheaper than having multiple employee’s manually weighing and sampling product. The automatic system not only checks each individual package it stores the pack data for future product tracking. A checkweigher will reduce your labour requirement and give you peace of mind of checking every pack rather than average weight sampling.

Reduce Your Give Away

Checkweighers are very accurate when it comes to doing what they were designed for which of course is weighing products. If a product is incorrectly weighed due to filling error it could result in a number of problems. If the product is overweight you are giving away product for free.

If every pack was 5g over on a 100 packs per minute line you would give away 240kg of product per shift. Or 1.2 tons per week on a single shift, 5 day week. If it is underweight, the end-user will be paying more for less product than stated. This is illegal and will affect the customer's relationship with the supermarket and therefore the supermarket’s relationship with you. This takes us into our next benefit…

The Avoidance of a Tarnished Brand

There is nothing worse than when a business is given a bad name for a small costly mistake but unfortunately it does happen. The Supermarket expects their suppliers to supply the correct product first time, every time and will issue significant fines to their suppliers. An inline checkweighing and or metal detection system will keep you compliant.

Starflex offers supermarket specification machines that conform to the highest current specifications. The machines also have the facility to prompt QA staff to carry out accuracy and Metal Detector checks. If you combine the Checkweigher with one of our Metal Detectors, X-Ray on label and Packaging verification systems you are minimising the chance of Tarnishing your brand and reputation to an absolute minimum. We will keep you compliant.

The Safety of Employees and Customers is Assured

All our Checkweighers, inspection equipment and conveyors are designed for use in the most demanding hygienic environments. They include quick-release features for ease of cleaning. The innovative designs significantly reduce the chance of cross-contamination whilst keeping downtime and change over times to an absolute minimum. These innovative hygienic design features can be found throughout our products including our standard conveyor range. Food safety is paramount and our equipment will help you to protect your brand.

Checkweighers aren’t just used for weighing

Checkweighers can be used for a number of other applications making them suitable for a variety of industries. Other applications include a count feature that can count and batch each good package as it passes through. Which is ideal for automatically filling outer cases etc. They can also be used for checking kits to make sure no parts are missing (we all know how annoying it is if you are trying to put something together only to find a piece missing).

We also use or Checkweighers in our grading systems for many products including fresh produce, meat and fish.

Want to learn more about checkweighers? Click here to see our full range. For further information feel free to get in touch and speak to a member of our team today on, 01527 558899 or you can send us an email using sales@starflexeurope.com. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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