Our X-Ray Inspection equipment is available in various models to run product widths up to 580mm. They are compliant with the highest current retail specifications.

Our Raycon EX1 System is a cost effective solution specifically designed for the convenience food market. Raycon EX1 X-Ray Inspection System

  • Inspection Area (Maximum product size) W: 200mm H: 120mm
  • System Dimensions: L: 1200mm x H: 1580mm +/-50mm x W: 650mm
  • Raycon Conveyor W: 230mm H: 900mm +/-50mm
  • X-Ray Tube 50kv/2.0mA (100w)
  • High Resolution Sesotec Detector
  • Covers and Conveyor frame made from
  • 304 Stainless Steel bead blast finish
  • Integrated reject device
  • Reject Bin
  • PU food grade belt
  • Higher Level Compliant fail safe system
  • Quick change conveyor belt
  • Tool-less access for cleaning
  • Separate reject signal for customer mounted missing item reject device or Checkweigher integration
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