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Metal Detection & X-ray

Metal Detector Systems have been introduced into production facilities to detect the presence of metal particles that have accidentally entered into the manufacturing process.

Starflex Metal Detector Systems have been developed over many years. They have been designed to incorporate many different company search heads to give the customer not only the best possible detection accuracy but choice of preferred supplier, ensuring products remain compliant at all times. Starflex supply a full range of machines with specifications to suit all industries.

All Starflex Metal Detector Systems can be specified to the very latest and highest retail specification. We offer a full range of optional equipment to complement our machines.

The Starflex range of Metal Detector Systems are designed, developed & manufactured in the UK, using stainless steel construction, high precision components & FDA approved contact parts. The Starflex Metal Detector Systems are designed to be accurate & reliable, quick release parts for ease of maintainance & cleaning with a recognised low cost of ownership.

Starflex Metal Detector Systems are designed to incorporate the correct size aperture to suit the product specification offering the shortest possible machine without compromising on accuracy & performance. Starflex Metal Detector Systems have the following benefits & product range.

Metal Detector Combination System
Starflex Metal Detector Systems
X-Ray Inspection Equipment Suppliers


  • Cost effective
  • High levels of Performance.
  • Simple and Robust design.
  • Quick release parts for easy and effective cleaning.
  • Low Cost of Ownership.
  • Accurate and Reliable.
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Stainless Steel High Precision Bearings
  • FDA Approved Belts

Product Range:

  •  PU belt Design
  • Modular Belt Design
  • Pipeline Systems
  • Retracting Band
  • Special Purpose Bespoke Design
  •  Throat Detectors
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