Qualipack QP-25-AF

Filling Machine

Qualipack have designed and manufactured high quality, accurate and cost effective sack, bag and container filling solutions for powders and granules for the Food, Plastics and Agro Chemical markets for over 40 years.

The fully automatic filling cycle begins with the bags valve being totally sealed off and the weight of the bag also tared off. The next stage fills the bag, which is on a load cell, at a fast rate of feed through a pneumatically operated slide gate via an auger. When the weight reaches a preset amount (normally about 95% of the required total) the slide gate closes off to a present slow rate of feed until the required weight is achieved, at which point it closes off completely. When the auger has transferred all the product it stops and the valve seal is released automatically, ready for the bag to be removed.

Qualipack Filling Equipment
Starflex Bag Filler


  • Extremely accurate and clean filling operation
  • Latest micro-processor technology
  • Operator friendly
  • Batch sample facility
  • 2 stage pneumatic feed control
  • Stainless steel construction & contact parts
  • Access within 2 minutes to all contact parts for cleaning
  • Safety switches fitted to access doors
  • Very low maintenance required
  • Open top bag option also available

Available Options:

  • Conveyors for filled bags
  • Sealers for filled bags
  • Weighing Capacity: 5-50kgs
  • Accuracy: Within 25g
  • Filling Rate: Up to 4 tonnes per hour
  • Filling Method: 2 stage via auger
  • Valve Grip: Pneumatic (totally sealed)
  • Bag Support: Height Adjustable gravity rollers
  • Product Feed: Agitated through pneumatic gate