What is a Conveyor System & how is it useful?

What type of conveyor do I need?

There are many styles and specifications of conveyors subject to what you need to do with it and the product you wish to transport, and the hygiene standards required for your specific application.
For instance, if you want to transport cardboard cases from point A to points B in a non-food warehouse environment. A basic powered or gravity roller track may be adequate (with painted or powder-coated frames and zinc-coated rollers)

If you wished to carry out the same application in a food factory you will require Stainless Steel frames and rollers or perhaps and Modular style belt would be better. If you wanted to run raw meat on a conveyor, you would require a high care solution to allow all parts of the conveyor to be deep cleaned. (normally we produce cantilevered designs for this type of application so the complete belt can be simply removed and replaced. Starflex has years of experience in producing standard and bespoke conveyor solutions for many industry sectors.

What type of drive motor should I use?

What drive depends on the application and the environment. We do not tie ourselves to one design or style, this allows us maximum flexibility when looking at your requirements. We offer Drum motors, SEW Drives, IP67 drives, direct drives and stepper drives. All our drives motors are of high quality. That offer the very best standards of reliability and hygiene.

What belt type do I need?

This depends on your hygiene and application requirements. We offer PU, modular, slat, Soliflex, bordoflex, single ply, double ply, sealed edges and stretch type.

How do I know it will fit?

Starflex offers a complete design and manufacturing service. We will produce 3d line drawings of your new conveyor system before any metal is cut.

Can you elevate and transport powders and granules?

Yes, subject to the actual powder characteristics you can move powders & granules by Vacuum systems, screw-type feeders, drag type or traditional style elvators and conveyors with Trough style and sealed edge elevators and conveyors.

Weighing up the facts

Finally, conveyor systems should always be considered when it comes to making sure that you are meeting the production rate for your customer. By not having a conveyor system as a part of your packaging line, you a running the risk of not only cheating yourself out of time and money but, most importantly, you are cheating your customers.

Want to learn more about conveyor systems and how they will have a positive impact on your business? Then feel free to get in touch and speak to a member of the Starflex team today on, 01527 558899 or you can send us an email using sales@starflexeurope.com. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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